Dr. Anne Hardy is currently the Vice-President of R&D for High-Performance Solutions group of Saint-Gobain and a holder of a total of 12 patents. Dr. Hardy earned her BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah, where she then went to MIT for her PhD in Material Science. After her Postdoc at MIT, she joined Saint-Gobain in 1992 as a Research Engineer in Northboro Research and Development Center in Northboro, Massachusetts outside of Boston. She then became the Deputy Vice-President of Research and Development for Saint-Gobain based in Paris, France. Later, Dr. Hardy became the director of the US R&D center for Saint-Gobain in Northboro, Massachusetts, and 5 years later, she became the Vice-President for High-Performance Solutions group of Saint-Gobain. Over her career at Saint-Gobain, she has held various positions within their R&D organization and has worked with a wide range of materials and processes including ceramics, polymers, and construction materials. She has also been awarded the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Production (STEP) Award in 2015 from the Manufacturing Institute that recognizes women who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their companies and communities.