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What is Pino?

PINO is a one-day conference focused on connecting students in chemistry and related fields with industry. PINO gives students a platform to present their research in a judged poster competition as well as network with industry professionals during the job fair.

Who Organizes PINO

PiNO is organized by a small group of graduate student volunteers in the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University.

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What Fields does it include?

PiNO is geared towards, but not limited to, students in the following fields: macromolecular/polymer science and engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and materials science and engineering.

Why should i Attend Pino?

PiNO allows you to learn about various companies in your field, make contacts with them, and even inquire about positions during the job fair. Additionally, poster prizes are highly encouraged here as PiNO has in the past distributed more poster prizes than an American Chemical Society (ACS) Conference.

Polymer Initiative of Northeast Ohio (PiNO)

Bridging the gap between academia and industry

Ohio’s largest industry is polymers, with 2,800+ polymer focused companies and over $49 billion in shipment each year, all right here in Ohio. In addition to industry, there are numerous academic programs in and around Ohio that offer polymer focused degrees or conduct polymer specific research.

This presents an interesting opportunity having both academic and industry focus in such a small region. Our foremost goal as Polymer Initiative of Northeast Ohio (PiNO) is to attempt to bridge the gap between academia and industry, tapping the potential of the unique opportunity that Ohio provides.