2022 Polymer Initiative of Northeast Ohio (PiNO) Conference

Graduate Student organized

Next generation of polymer research

Industry Job Fair. Research Poster Presentations. Professional Speakers.

PiNO Conference


Thursday, October 20th, 2022
8:00am - 5:00pm

The Future of You

bridge the gap between Academia and industry.

Ohio’s largest industry is polymers, with 2,800+ polymer focused companies and over $49 billion in shipment each year, all right here in Ohio. In addition to industry, there are numerous academic programs in and around Ohio that offer polymer focused degrees or conduct polymer specific research.

This presents an interesting opportunity having both academic and industry focus in such a small region. Our foremost goal as Polymer Initiative of Northeast Ohio (PiNO) is to attempt to bridge the gap between academia and industry, tapping the potential of the unique opportunity that Ohio provides.

Don't Wait ‘Till The Last Moment



Pino Keynote speakers.

Our chosen keynote speakers are well-experienced individuals from high-level industrial positions to give insightful information on the ins and outs of their company, allowing our attendees to take away a world of understanding that would be difficult to find anywhere else.

Present your research and learn from industry professionals.

Full day of research and networking.


Come On Board

Registration Pricing

All registration plans includes breakfast, lunch, and free parking in the parking garage attached to the venue.

Student Registration

$ 0
  • Full Day Access
  • Includes Parking, Breakfast, and Lunch
  • Job Fair Access
  • No Poster

Non-Academic/Industry General Registration

$ 200
  • Full Day Access
  • Includes Parking, Breakfast, and Lunch
  • No Job Fair Attendance

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